Creating a Sensory Experience

The Nexise custom elevator cab line is a reflection of the technique used to bring visions to a reality. We are proud to have played a fundamental role in the design of many of the elevator cabs we have manufactured. Our Design and Development team holds a strong ideology to focus on the small details that are often overlooked and make the largest impact on elevator cab design. Utilizing the elements of a building’s exterior and lobby, we are able to fuse together elevator interior finishes and layout configurations that blend seamlessly and ignite the true character of a building. Nexise strives to customize elevator cabs that meet budgetary, distinct aesthetic and performance requirements of each project we work on.

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Learn About Which Type of Project Fits Your Needs

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New Construction

New Construction projects entails a full undertaking of an elevator construction project. Whether it is a new building being developed or an existing building performing a full elevator upgrade, Nexise is able to service your needs.

For new construction projects, we manufacture and deliver the following components for installation by your elevator company:

  • Elevator Cab Shell

  • Elevator Cab Doors

  • Elevator Cab Interior Finishes

  • Elevator Cab Floors (installed by our team)

In this process, Nexise coordinates with your consultant, elevator company, architect and general contractor for a smooth and easy process. Often times, this process generally includes time for your elevator company to perform motor room, electrical, cable wire, and other item upgrades or new installations.

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Modernization projects typically entail upgrading the interior finishes of your existing elevator cab. Whether it is cladding over your front panels and cab doors, installing a new ceiling with LED lighting or updating the entire cab with new finishes, Nexise can handle the project.

For modernization projects, we work hand in hand with you, your elevator company and consultant to ensure the new design meets all code requirements and weight restrictions. Your cab shell and platform will remain in place and will be outfitted with new materials. Nexise specializes in all types of materials from glass, stone, architectural metals, wood veneer, laminates and more.

Should you have elevator electrical work being done, it is best to conduct it at the same time as your cab modernization as it will minimize downtime of the cab. We will schedule our work around your elevator company’s work allowing for a seamless upgrade.