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Daniel Karran was born and raised in New York. Raised in the elevator cab industry, Daniel quickly learned what it takes to not only build a successful brand, but also the skills, commitment and dedication required to accomplish and surpass goals. He is an entrepreneur on a mission to bring imagination and quality to the manufacturing industry.

Daniel graduated with a Bachelor of Science from St. John's University. He has built a reputation through hard work and dedication and sets his expectations high. Through a strategic personality-driven and unique brand, he is able to effectively service clients in all respects, at all times. Prior to founding Nexise, he worked in the legal sector and ventured into New York real estate before returning home to elevator cabs. His family has worked their way up in the elevator cab industry over the course of 40 years and established two cab manufacturing companies in New York City, one of which was later absorbed by Nexise. Under Daniel’s leadership, Nexise has expanded into several large city markets as well as entered into the development of manufacturing and supplying other products in the architectural industry.

Daniel takes pride in his achievements and firmly believes in helping his community and others. He is an active member of several national charities and organizations, including Autism Speaks, Pink Ribbon, Inc., the American Cancer Society and the Human Rights Campaign, in addition to several local organizations.


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Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Amrita is a passionate individual that brings superior customer service and planned organization to the Nexise team. Responsible for the coordination and scheduling of every project at Nexise, she pulls all forces together to bring every project to the finish line admirably. A student of Pace University, she studied Business Administration prior to joining the Nexise team.

When not in the office, Amrita can be found on the beach with the latest good read, with friends and family, or exploring different eateries found throughout New York City, while spilling her beverages.



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A fellow Brooklyn native, Juan is intimately familiar with the Brooklyn borough and all the great places to explore. At Nexise, he is responsible for assisting the firm’s CEO with day-to-day activities, keeping the Nexise office flowing, and estimating new projects. He is dedicated to continuing to build the firm so it may surpass goals and expand its reach in the market.

When not in the office, if he isn’t riding the newest thrill ride at Six-Flags, he can be found on the sidelines watching the Mets give it their best shot.



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Vanessa spearheads the Brand Development and Marketing team for the firm. A graduate of Long Island University, Vanessa earned her degree in Graphic Design and Marketing, and brings forth a decade of design experience, where during her tenure she has worked on the brand image and marketing for several large scale New York firms. Her skills for creative design and unique marketing techniques has allowed Nexise to stand out in the manufacturing industry.

Vanessa grew up in the elevator cab industry, alongside her younger brother, Daniel - coincidentally, the firm’s CEO. A mother of two, Vanessa is passionate about the arts, motherhood and photography. When not in the office, she can be found poolside with a margarita, or more realistically, doing homework with her boys.