Building Opts for Neutral Tones in a Simplistic Yet Detailed Design

Located in the Spuyten Duyvil neighborhood in the Bronx, New York stands tall a residential building that has recently invested in several building upgrades. 2465 Palisades Avenue is a 7 story cooperative unit that overlooks the Hudson River, nestled away on a quaint roundabout street offering both easy access to city life and a bit of suburbia.

A collaborative effort with the Design and Development team at Nexise and the board members of the unit, brought together a well thought out elevator design that honed in on a simplistic, yet modern feel in a neutral grey tone. The cab door, front and suspended ceiling are in Brushed Stainless Steel and the wall panels are composed of grey wood grain laminate for the upper panels and gunmetal gray metal for the lower panels. In addition to the simplistic choice of color, which gives this cab a modern touch, the detail lies within the aluminum barstock that protrudes the laminate panels giving detail of depth on the panel. The horizontal panels gives the illusion that the cab is larger than it is in reality, which brings a positive psychological affect to riders.

The design focused on math and rectangle shapes and each panel gets slightly larger from the top down. The design was well received by the residents, inspiring a new upgrade to the buildings lobby to mimic the new elevator cab’s theme. Overall the concept and attention to detail gave the end result a unique flair for the passenger’s ride.

Nexise Performs Flooring Upgrade to 10 Elevators in Washington, D.C.

Moments away from the world famous White House stands two corporate office buildings owned and managed by Tishman Speyer. Recently undergoing lobby renovations, it was only necessary to carry the new marble elements into the elevator cabs for a seamless transition of spaces. Executives at Tishman Speyer turned to Nexise for expertise and quality to complete the ten car project. The project was in need of careful engineering, as the new flooring had to be meticulously selected to accommodate the weight requirements for each car.

Nexise was able to source lightweight porcelain tiles similar to the stone used in each building, and began installation immediately. One building used White Staturio porcelain, while the other used Roman Grey Travertine porcelain. The existing cabs had carpet flooring, which not only was unaesthetic, but also raised an issue with the dimensions required for the new flooring giving an expensive option to have all the cab saddles raised to accommodate the new height. Thanks to the creativity behind the Engineering Team at Nexise, we were able to avoid such hefty costs for Tishman Speyer and continued on with the project. The end result was absolutely beautiful and the perfect way to tie together the new lobby design with the elevator cabs. Nexise is thrilled to have been a part this project and bring forth creative techniques to make the impossible possible.

Nexise Completes Installment of Three New Cabs at Cedar Manor Housing

Cedar Manor is a mutual housing complex located in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York. Recently, the complex underwent major elevator upgrades which included new machinery, new lobby doors and new elevator cabs and interiors. Nexise partnered with BP Elevator located in the Bronx, New York to work on this project and has completed the first installment receiving rave reviews from tenants on their new elevator and the new design.

The design and development team at Nexise created a design that was ultimately approved by the board members of the complex. The design intent was to create a modern update that felt timeless, elegant but most of all was durable to withstand high traffic use from the tenants and ultimately was low maintenance. The design is an upper and lower raised removable panel design that utilizes Calcutta Marble laminate panels for the upper portion of the cab and snakeskin wire-mesh for the lower panels. The mesh panels are the top choice for longevity and durability. The suspended ceiling is manufactured out of brushed finish stainless steel to match the cab door and front panel, with recessed LED down-lights set at a medium brightness setting to add to mood setting of the design.

The manufacturing team at Nexise spent significant time performing a process known as “book matching” to ensure each individual laminate panel matched accordingly when installed, after being cut to size. We are truly proud of the end result of this special project.

Nexise Awarded 7 Cab Flooring Installation after Successful Mock-Up

Famously known by its iconic red rooftop sign, JW Marriot Essex House located in Midtown, New York is well known worldwide. From its royal charm and elegant interior design this hotel is laced with true architectural beauty. All passenger elevator cabs are currently undergoing a complete modernization mirroring the attention to detail found throughout the hotel, using rich wood, lamented mirror and stone in a traditional rails and stiles design. Nexise was tasked to perform the mock-up flooring installation. After two installation attempts to determine the perfect layout and material, we are proud that we have finally found the perfect match for the hotel. The final layout called for Calcutta Vision stone flooring to compliment the new interior finishes and hotel lobby. As old as the hotel, the center of the original floor featured a bronze plate with the hotel’s “E.H.” logo, which was repurposed in the new design. We expanded the original plate with a larger bronze plate to allow for easy access to the elevator’s safety mechanism. Although required for service to the elevator, the plate adds a royal touch to such an intricate design. After passing the mock-up review with flying colors, Nexise was subsequently awarded the remainder of the project and we could not be any more enthused and grateful for the opportunity.

Luxurious Upper East Side Co-Op Receives Elevator Upgrade

Located on Fifth Avenue and 85th Street, moments away from The Met, 1050 Fifth Avenue receives the ultimate elevator cab upgrade. PS Marcato Elevator Co., earned the bid to perform the mechanical upgrade of two existing elevator cabs and selected Nexise to perform the interior renovation of the cabs. Utilizing durable, yet elegant materials, Nexise installed Calcutta Gold porcelain wall panels sourced from a quarry in Italy wrapped with Satin Bronze angles, ribbon cut Sapele Mahogany wood veneer for the door panels and frieze. Interestingly, while both the passenger and service cabs were designed to use the same materials, each cab has a different design perspective. The passenger cab features a custom Sapele Mahongany wood cove with perimeter lighting illuminating a custom gray aluminum ceiling, while the service cab uses downlight fixtures recessed through a gray aluminum ceiling. Both elevator cabs have a Nero Marquina porcelain tile flooring. In true 5th Avenue fashion, these new cabs elegantly blends style with durability offering a truly luxurious feel.